• Katie Bramhall, Midwife

Jesus and the Market

It's Sunday. If Jesus could wreck a market to make his point of love and peace so can I raise my VOICE OF PEACE in a ROAR:

I am replying to a posting left on my timeline that I deleted earlier. This is definitely NOT the week to challenge me on the 'Right to keep and bear arms,' the declaration of independence and the question, "These children were left unprotected by a misguided social desire to keep guns away from schools by legislation. Did the latter attempt work?"

This is NOT the week to challenge me on gun violence and the continued murdering of our sweet children after attending 3 heroic moms birthing their babies under 3 distinctively challenging situations and coming out of their birth journey with newborn babies born of love that they have a lifetime of HOPE and vulnerability for.

This is NOT the week to expect I will respond with brevity and neutrality. NOT after 15 children and 2 teachers were murdered in a school at the same time a 31 week baby is fighting for his life with 2 young parents praying for his safety.

NOT after spending a total of 70+ hours BELIEVING and LOVING 2 first-time parent-couples through almost perfect doubt and fear and convincing them that that LOVE overcomes hoped-for process in birth, that homebirth is not what love and parenthood is born from and it's ok to use a hospital for help.

NOT after watching these 3 couples transition into powerful, ferocious, vulnerable parents of their babies.

NOT after receiving a beautiful little girl into my hands and handing her to her mother who...5 minutes prior, looked into my eyes after 30 hours of a HARD labor, just at the precipice of motherhood and asked, "but Katherine, will I be able to do it?" and my answer being to hand her her beautiful daughter with tears in both of our eyes. THIS IS NOT THE WEEK TO CHALLENGE A FEROCIOUS AND EXHAUSTED MIDWIFE!

I will ROAR in defense of these...MY BABIES and their parents and the future of these families and ALL families. ALL of them. So if you have fantasies of leaving snarky comments on my TIMELINE OF PEACE, know you will LOSE YOUR VOICE.!

I speak for those too small to defend themselves. I speak in defense of PEACE. OM SHANTI.

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