• Katie Bramhall, Midwife

Musings on Faith, Trust and Love: A Recipe for Humanity

Why else are we here but to Love and to Serve?

There is a silver-white cord of connection between people, regardless of...or maybe because of our differences.  Differences in culture, religion, belief.

These differences present us with the opportunity for faith, then trust between people.

Faith first...because it is an act  of choosing. Choosing to see deeper, listen quieter. Then to feel the exquisiteness of connection. Often accepting a level of confusion and perhaps discomfort.

As this is all establishing itself, trust finds itself quietly being born and growing between us.

Trust then, may be the paving-stones on the path to love.

This can lead to nothing less than our choosing to act in accordance with love.

There are times when we are called to the cliff-edge. The edge that is named for us but where we have never traveled before. Very often this is in service to others.

At those times we know that to not-go is to contribute to the all-too-present condition of confusion and despair that our sisters and brothers suffer from. To not-go is to ignore our own strength and divinity and to put our chance for miracle-working in the name of humanity on hold.

It's ok! Go, or don' will be asked again!

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