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"I've never known someone so briefly and loved so deeply as you.  Ever.  Thank you for your lovely card for Grace's birthday.  She holds the little heart in her still-chubby hands and just stares.  I will always, in all ways, be thankful that your hands gave her to me." -L.

With offices in Barre, VT and Lebanon, NH,  Katie (Katherine) blends over 30 years of birth experience in a wide variety of birth settings and situations, a compassionate heart, deep listening and a scientific mind to offer creative, comprehensive, and individualized care to each family she is blessed to work with since 1988.


About Me

“When a baby is born in an environment of peace...when a woman is believed and loved and encouraged during that time of birth, when mom and babe are honored as accomplished journeymen, the result can only be a certain strength and hope that transcends all the doubt and fear that family life will present.” -Katie Bramhall

Katie (Katherine) Bramhall is a graduate of a nationally accredited midwifery school. She is licensed and has practiced home birth midwifery in Vermont and New Hampshire since 2008. Katie blends her philosophy of kindness and acceptance with her depth of knowledge and life experience to provide gentle, peaceful and safe home birth midwifery care...



All pregnancies are different, with each experience being special and unique in its own way. That’s why I work with you to customize my support services, always striving to meet your needs and expectations. I invite you to view the services I offer below, and get in touch with me to schedule an initial meeting.


Homebirth Midwifery Services

"After the verb to love, to help is the most beautiful verb in the world"
-Bertha von Suttner

"The first time I spoke with Katherine on the phone early on in my pregnancy, I hung up the phone and cried because I finally felt like I had found the woman who would welcome my baby into this world. Throughout my pregnancy she gave solid, educated support for my every need. She is devoted to her clients and always available night and day."

"Everything that is done in the world is done by hope"

Martin Luther

Are you interested in sharing your dreams and hopes about your pregnancy and birth?

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